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Using Your Firm’s Special Benefits to Attract Top Talent

Read any job listing on Indeed. See any common phrases?

“Positive company culture.” “Great 401(k).” “Free lunch!”

While the benefits may seem stale or expected (always aim for an employer-matched retirement plan!), these listings all share a common, though surprisingly overlooked secret: benefits.

The thing that sets companies apart, from a hiring perspective, is not the role, nor the responsibilities, expectations, and growth potential. Instead, the unique benefits offered to candidates often make for the deciding factor in taking a role. While salary and future can sway a top performer, they will never be happy in the role without the… Continue reading

How Secure is your Data// Opportunities for Consultants ?/


Big Growth in Data Security Provides Opportunities for Consultants

By 2016, the worldwide data security market is expected to approach almost $90 Billion in total value. This means that security is big business, and it should be. Data security has become increasingly critical as businesses utilize increasingly complex technology. Likewise, businesses that are directly involved in technology, such as IoT startups, cloud service providers, and even internet service providers, all have a vested interest in maintaining the security of their data.

Three Core Influencers on the Security Market

There are three core areas of influence that are driving the key… Continue reading

10 Steps to Being a Better Management Consultant

10 Steps to Being a Better Management Consultant

Consultancy roles are all about business. As a consultant, you are tasked with helping companies to overcome problems, to improve efficiency, or to take on new lines of business that they might not have experience in. A managementconsultant is perhaps the most hands on, and the most multifaceted of any consultant role. To succeed, you will need to be adept in a number of areas, and no matter how good you might be, there is always the opportunity to work smarter, and provide better service and benefits to your clients.… Continue reading

5 Things to Plan Before You Post Your Job Listing

The more the web replaces old methods of finding and recruiting candidates, the more the same cliched words and phrases come into play. Be it a stale description, a too-soon plunge into rules and requirements, or even a dated, uninformative listing, the nuances of web-based recruiting mean that every single word that you use in describing your dream candidate now matters.

You need to keep pace with the big players on the market, who can spend millions to hire the absolute best available, through targeted marketing and luxurious benefits. While large firms may be more able to spend, this does… Continue reading

Growing Pains: The Top 5 Consulting Firm Pitfalls

When it comes to growing a successful consulting firm what you don’t do is as important (maybe even more important) than what you do.

Here’s a List of Don’ts every consulting firm President should know:

1. Don’t spend your surplus. Most firms fail for one simple reason – they run out of cash. As tempting as it may be, don’t reinvest all of your profits or blow the money on say, that shiny new Lexus you’ve had your eye on. If your goal is growth, you must have cash on-hand at all times. Because lean times… Continue reading